Building Futures
Meeting on
Weds, Nov 25th

Report Cards &
Parent-Teacher Conferences

Nov 24th - 27th

Purdy's Chocolate
Order Deadline

Dec 5th
See PAC Fundraising section for more details!

X-Mas Concert

Dec 10th
11am (Casa 1)
11:15 am (Casa 2)

X-Mas Concert
& Dinner by
Campfire Grill!

K - Grade 6
Thurs Dec 11th
Squam Elementary


Every Weds
Don't forget to pack swim gear!

Flu Vaccine
Every Thurs in Nov from 3-6pm
Brennan Park

Amazon Fundraiser
Please use the SMS link whenever you buy on Amazon.ca!
School Fundraising
page for the link!

News & Events in Parents section

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Squamish Montessori School is located in the beautiful Squamish Valley between West Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia. Squamish Montessori School offers a program for preschool age children (2.5 to 5 years old), a kindergarten program, as well as an elementary school program for grades 1 to 6.

Squamish Montessori School is committed to meeting the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the child. Within the framework of Montessori principles and philosophy, the school's goal is to provide each child the opportunity to develop to their full potential, in a safe, loving, and affirming environment.

Squamish Montessori Elementary School is a not-for-profit organization.

Squamish Montessori Elementary School is a training center for Montessori Elementary Teachers.

"Our care of children should not be governed by our desire to 'make them learn things', but by the endeavor to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence." -- Maria Montessori